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The Story Behind XuhsWorld


Zuhra Abdullahi is a chef specialized in Nigerian, French, and Fusion cuisine. She is a graduate of The International Culinary Center in New York and was a host on the private dining platform She has cooked for private and cooperate events. She pursued a master's degree at New York University's Food Studies Program. 

Her love of cooking began in her childhood, growing up in Nigeria. Where food and family are the cornerstones of the community. Spending her days in awe of the magic that happened in the kitchen, watching her mother and family cooks making delicious Nigerian meals. She recalls all her favorite childhood memories being food-related.


Zuhra’s life and education spanned several countries, including Nigeria, England, France, and the United States. After moving to New York, she decided to pursue her passion for food and ultimately became a chef. Her cooking style is eclectic, whimsical, with the intention of promoting the knowledge of northern Nigerian food and culture.


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