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The Story Behind Xuhsworld

Zuhra Abdullahi is a chef specialized in creating French Nigerian fusion cuisines. She is a graduate of The International Culinary Center in New York and is also a host on the private dining platform EatWith where she has hosted over 170 guests.  She has also cooked for several private dinners and cooperate events.


Zuhra’s love for cooking began in her childhood growing up in Nigeria where food and family are the cornerstone of the community.  She spent her days in awe of the magic that happened in the kitchen, watching her mother and family cooks making delicious Nigerian meals. She recalls all her favorite childhood memories being food related. Zuhra’s life and education spanned across several countries including Nigeria, England, France and the United States. After moving to New York she decided to pursue her passion for food and ultimately became a professional chef.


Zuhra also has Bachelor Degrees in International Studies and French from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She currently lives in the Financial District of Manhattan where she hosts private dinner events. Her favorite city to eat in is Paris, and she loves to travel and restaurant hop.


Her love, passion and experience lead to the creation of the Xuhsworld. Zuhra’s platform to build and spread northern Nigerian gastronomy.



Beans & Dodo
Plantains, Beans &Tomato Stew
Kosai / Akara
Bean Fritters
Spiced Yamballs
Yam Croquettes. Tomato & Mango Chutney.
Yogurt Sauce
Pumpkin Stew
Pumpkin with Shredded Chicken & Spinach
Cream Brûlée
"Kwakumati" Roasted Coconut Flakes. Chocolate Sauce. Berries
Zobo Cake "Toasted Coconut Flakes"
Hibiscus Cake  
Zobo Sorbet
Hibiscus & Pineapple Sorbet. Crystallized Ginger. Chin-Chin Crumbs
Fura Da Nono
Spiced Millet & Yogurt Gluten Free Drink
Hibiscus Juice Infused with Pineapples & Cloves

            Mint Lemonade

              Ginger Juice

             Tamarind Drink 

Herbed Salmon
Cooked SousVide In herb infused Olive Oil. Served with Yam & Sweet Potato Puree, Mixed Greens & Spicy Compound Butter
Jollof Rice
Rice Cooked in Spicy Tomato Sauce
Mackerel With Garlic & Saffron Vinaigrette
with Couscous Cooked in Fish
Stock, Green Peppers & Red Onions, Spinach Salad
Spaghetti & Langoustine
Cooked in Nigerian Spicy Tomato Stew & Fish
Cornish Hen Sous Vide &  Basil Potato Purée
with Tomato & Roasted Pepper
Compote. Pan Jus
Sirloin Steak
with Spicy, Pepper & Peanut Rub
Oil Poached Basa
with Mixed Greens & Potato Salad
Peppered Chicken
Roasted Chicken & Pepper Sauce
Masa & Taushe
Rice Pancakes. Steamed Spinach. Braised Lamb in Pumpkin Sauce
Nigerian Fried Rice
 Suya Steak
Pickled Cabbage Slaw

"Zuhra masterfully wields cultural depth and culinary prowess in a profoundly skilled and masterful manner. Her ability to create an environment that is ripe with synergy, wonder and happiness perfectly accentuates the surreal dining experience that her guests are privileged to undertake. Her table’s impeccably decorated in a way that invokes and inspires outright appreciation for the roots of the cuisine that she prepares for her guests.

Zuhra artfully weaved the bold flavors of Northern Nigerian cuisine which she grew up with and the finesse of French cuisine to create memorable dishes like the seared salmon and beautifully shaped and presented crème brûlée.

The dining experience is both a fantastic means of cultural education and rich, high quality bonding. Without a doubt, Zuhra’s table and meals are an extraordinary experience unlike any other."


New York, NY

"Last week we experienced a wonderful evening at Zuhras place that will be memorable for many years!

The food Zuhra had prepared for us was absolutely delicious and clearly inspired by her roots and her heritage. This was also reflected in the beautiful and minimal design of her apartment and her table!


She is a lovely person, a warm hostess and a creative chef that in a smart and beautiful way combined her Nigerian roots with the passion about French cuisine in her dishes. We had the chance to meet other lovely and creative people from NYC and got a glass of wine in the rooftop- the perfect ending to our dinner. We strongly recommend Zuhra and her events that no one should miss when in NYC!"


Stockholm, Sweden




Food, Passions & Academia

March 11, 2016

Chances are some of us postgrad students and academic researchers don’t really give that much thought to the food we are eating. Not that we don’t care, just that as long as it’s nutritious and/or tasty, it should go down well. Or maybe it’s just me. Regardless of whether you spend weekends devoted to meal prep, or just throw all your ingredients at once into boiling water, the fact is undeniable that:

The food industry is a booming one, and not to be taken for granted. So machen Mitesser Spaß

November 11, 2016

New York. "Kommt rein", sagt Zuhra und macht eine einladende Geste an der Etagentür. Ein großer und schön eingedeckter Esstisch steht hinter der jungen Frau im Zimmer. Was aber die Gäste erstmal begeistert, ist der Blick nach draußen. Denn die Wohnung liegt in der 36

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Fura da Nono
Cream Brûlée
Beans & Dodo
Beans & Dodo
Masa and Taushe
Spiced Yamballs
Herbed Salmon
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